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Author Topic: What do I need to Build a Complete Kit?  (Read 14456 times)

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What do I need to Build a Complete Kit?
« on: June 30, 2010, 08:53:51 AM »

Kits - https://www.MiKroKopter.US these also have the Navi and Arf options listed.

For Navigation GPS Hold, Come home Way points, all you need is the "Navi Option" on your Kit or
you need a Navigation Board and GPS.

the New Navi boards have a compass built in  https://www.MiKroKopter.US
New GPS   https://www.MiKroKopter.US
camera mounts- https://www.MiKroKopter.US

for sending video back down to you.

video transmitters and Recievers... https://www.MiKroKopter.US

For receiving OSD Data , Battery usage, Altitude, GPS location Etc. and Sending waypoints to the MK in Flight. you need a wireless solution.

I know sell a Graupner Mx-20 Transmitter with full MK telemetry sent back to the transmitter's screen.

You need a modern Charger for New High current Lipo's with a built in balancer.

A Zig cap to keep all your electronics safe.

to hold your Dslr or smaller camera you need a self leveling Camera mount.

I do not sell Camera's most people use many different kinds of cameras. I only sell the small FPV camera..

You can find all the documentations under each product in the shop or there is a lot listed here.. http://www.MiKroKopter.US,127.0.html

New Build instructions for all models are here.
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