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When you first receive your ARF kit you must make sure all the parts are working before you start building your kit.

Before you do any other soldering.

This will also give you a Great introduction to How to use the tools and troubleshooting and testing your MiKroKopter.

First test the Power Dist board and BL's

solder just two small wires to your + and - pads on the Power Dist board. this is only for testing just make sure not to short them or get them mixed up.


Place the Power dist on something safe and Clear of anything that may short it .

Then using a Low Current Power Supply apply 9 volts to the ring.

Mikrokopter Power Supply

You should see the LED's light up solid RED and GREEN

Mikrokopter Power Supply

BL Power Test from Ziggy@mikrokopter.us on Vimeo.

You should see them go through a startup sequence and all should end up Solid Red and Green.

Blinking or just Red. is Bad..Most likely a Bad BL.

The Rings are tested at Mikrokopter and again before we Ship as a ARF,so make sure you did not short it out some how.

MKUSB Testing and Installation

You first need to make your Cable for the MKUSB

To assemble the 6-pin and 10-pin ribbon cable, proceed as follows. ( you only need one 10 pin cable for the MKusb)

This shows how to make the Navi to FC cables but the process is the same for the MKusb Cable.

Just use one cable and leave it long.

Mikrokopter Cable buy Quadrocopters

Now each jack can be Closed at the ends of the ribbon cable connector. There is a small arrow on the connectors that points to the red side of the ribbon cable.

This is Pin One.

Use a small vise to close the connectors. Be careful not to push on them at an angle they will break.

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Finally, rotated the jack and connect the strain relief. Done.

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On the MKUSB there is a small jumper.

This only goes in place when you want to power a board off the USB connector.

Never have the jumper in when the board is powered by the Power Dist Board (PDB)

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This picture above shows the 5 volt Jumper Out.

I love Mikrokopter.us

this one shows the 5 volt output jumper in. so this will supply 5 volts the the board you connect to the cable.


Make note of the #1 pin on the MKUSB Pointing away from you it is the upper left pin

this is where the Red wire connects. There is another pin 1 but that one is sideways..:)

Now you need the MKTOOL

Make sure you have the MKtool and the latest version.

you can get the tool here

MKTOOL v.74b

If this is not the latest version that is fine we will show you how to update it in a minute.

Once you have the MKtool downloaded and installed on your PC

Plug the MKUSB into your PC with the USB Cable and Windows should find it as a USB to serial converter.

Look in your Device manager and verify the Com port.

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This one is using COM Port 15

Testing the Flight Controler (FC)

Make sure the Jumper is Out on the MKUSB for now.

Now connect the MKUSB to the FC making sure the FC is on something safe and nothing can short it out.

Put the red side of the cable on the #1 pin on the FC

Quadrocopters RTF

Install the jumper on the MKUSB so it powers the FC off the USB

Quadrocopters RTF

You should see some led's light up on the FC and end up looking like this

The lights on the MKUSB will flash randomly.

But Red an Green solid are good on the FC.

Now making sure your FC is safe and secure not to fall off your bench and shock the cat

Start the MKTOOl

once it opens it may take a bit for it to start running but you should see a screen like this.

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The errors shown on the screen are normal at this point. If you hit details you will see

the FC is complaining about no BL's and no Radio. which is normal,(you have no BL's and you have no Radio connected, yet. :) )

Make sure it has the correct name of your model and the spinning slash is spinning :)

you can click the 3d button and see the MK move with your movements.

If you need to change the Type of model hold the Alt key and click settings. for Non ARF'd systems.

First Mixer Setup from Ziggy@mikrokopter.us on Vimeo.

MKtool FC from Ziggy@mikrokopter.us on Vimeo.

Dont worry about how its orientated or that its not level that will all come latter after you calibrate.

If you are unable to connect to the FC first check that it is trying to use the correct COM port.

so Click on Firmware and update Terminal...


Select the Com port we found in the Device manager.. it may be different on your system.

then hit Debug to go back.

To verify you have the correct version of the MKtool click on the magnifying glass in the Terminal window.

(its right next to the red triangle )

click on the Mikrokopter -Tool Tab


click Update Version-list

if the top one is not the same version you currently have

Click Download

it will download the tool into the /downloads folder where every you installed the MKtool to start with.

If it is the same just hit close and you are done.

Now your FC and Power Dist are both Tested and working.

You have the MKtool and its the current version.

Lets move on.

Testing the FC on the PDB

Find the black and white Molex connector in your kit.

Make sure no voltage is on your Power Dist ring we tested earlier.

Make sure your MKUSB jumper is now Out

Plug one end of the Molex connector into the FC and the other into the PDB

The connector will only go in one way to double check the key before pushing too hard.

Place the FC in such a way it will not have any contact with the power Dist.

This is vey important!!

More boards are broken on the bench than in the Air.

Be very safe and Clean.

I'm using a frame ring with some standoffs in place for testing. You can set the FC to the side but it must be with the gyros pointing down.


Now Making sure your Jumper is out on the MKUSB

Apply voltage from your Power supply. 12 volts will work better at this point. 9 volts is ok but you may get an under voltage error.

You should see the LED's light up on the FC and end up Red and Green solid. This is good!!


The BL's should now be all solid Green at this point. Be very careful looking. :)


now Open up your MKtool

You should see now that it stopped complaining about the BL's Click on Details

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No Receiver found because we have no Receiver installed yet.. :)

This is awsome all is good!!!

you can then click on the Red arrow pointing left and see the Number of BL's found

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and then one more time you can see the temperature of each BL.

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Now you have a fully tested and working Flight Controller and Power Dist Board with BL's

Plus you have learned Mikrokopter Terms and tools for troubleshooting and getting you through the rest of your build.

Continue on to the Navi board set up Next on the list.

Have fun!!! enjoy your build!

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